hand printed blue scallop pocket journal

10.00 Coming Soon

Personalized pocket journal with a hand printed scallop pattern on the front and back cover.
This can be fully personalized for you, to give you a truly unique journal, for you or as a gift.
I designed the scallop pattern and then hand carved it to create a stamp.
I print each cover front and back and this process makes each journal a little bit different from the other.

How does is work? Pick a color for the pattern and the thread you prefer.
All materials are sourced in Italy and I only use no-toxic inks.
40 blank off white pages made with completely recycled paper (unbleached paper)
cover made with Favini paper Crush (Crush is FSC certified, GMO free, contains 30% post-consumer recycled waste, in this case corn, and is produced with 100% green energy.
I only use no-toxic inks and the thread is made with paper.

size 4X5.9 (10.5X15 cm) (A6) pocket size.

to keep cost down this item is shipped without a tracking number, if you desire one please let me know and I'll adjust the price for you